The sales pipeline can vary from one industry to another, however one thing is common to all; a pipeline is not just found by accident or luck, it is created with intelligence and with a clear link between the prevailing and emerging market forces and the solutions available to meet those expectations.

In the aviation sector, the days of selling individual products and walking away are ending. The integrated nature of the concepts and systems require a more holistic view to procurement.

The sales pipeline must include an understanding of the customers objectives and challenges and a partnership developed on performance rather than simply products.

AVISU has proven experience in both the business and strategic market intelligence to enable airport sales and marketing directors and the workforce to confidently develop and implement a sales pipeline.

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At AVISU we are constantly looking for both employees and associated partners to support the ever increasing demands on our expertise. We require people that are self motivated and operationally experienced and the willingness to travel worldwide and occasionally work for extended periods overseas.