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The aviation industry requires long term planning and forethought. The consistent 5%+ annual growth in traffic, increasing complexity of airspace and airport management has driven the search for new technologies and concepts. The timescales for design, development and implementation of many of the concepts and technologies is long and requires planning in a way that reduces risk but maximises performance. The interaction between both competing and complimentary concepts can often muddy the waters in future planning and decision making for both small and large stakeholders of an organisation

The trigger point for changing or updating a strategic direction is also complex. Monitoring key performance indicators (technical, operational and financial) is imperative to allow a timely decision on new strategic directions.


AVISU is intimately involved in the strategic design, safety analysis and performance requirements of many of today’s emerging aviation concepts at the network, application, service and component levels.

We have the skills and knowledge to filter the relevant facts, analyse them for operational feasibility and prioritise/value new directions. Our AVISIM system is a simulation and analytical tool that can perform analyses linked to varied ATM operations.

If positive, the process will lead to a CONOPS phase where future decision points can be based on increasing granularity and improved risk reductions.

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AVISU’s mission is to support our customers innovation by identifying, developing and delivering the safest solutions for air traffic challenges of today, and preparing for future concepts and developments across the airport industry.

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