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“It takes leadership to improve safety.” – Jackie Stewart

AVISU’s mission is to support our customers innovation by identifying, developing and delivering the safest solutions for air traffic challenges of today, and preparing for future concepts and developments across the airport industry.

AVISU effectively establishes an integrated and confidential partnership with our customers to ensure the business mission and objectives are met at every stage of the improvement lifecycle. Through well-established clear and transparent communication channels and guaranteed on-time delivery, AVISU provide a robust and cost-effective service where safety is always the primary focus.

AVISU achieves all mission objectives through a balanced understanding and experience of the financial pressures and increasing competition found in the aviation industry, and meet the challenge to achieve safety, operational and environmental efficiency gains through innovative thinking.

Our team

Stephen O'Flynn

Stephen has over 20 years experience in the aviation industry including posts as an operational Air Traffic Controller and Operational Manager. Prior to that he enjoyed a business background in banking.

Stephen has lead many international expert teams covering major global programs and projects from European Aviation Safety Authority certification to EUROCONTROL/ICAO Generic Surveillance standards for both surface (e.g. Aerodrome Control Services using A-SMGCS) and airborne (e.g. AREA and Approach) applications.

He also provides expert global advice and strategy for airborne Free Route operations in core Europe as well as airport airside operational efficiency and safety, including training on ATC operational topics. He holds a degree in Commerce, a Graduate Diploma in International Law, an Aviation Diploma and a Practitioner Certificate in Prince2 project management.

Robert Tod

Between 1973-2001 Robert was an operational controller working for the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) in the UK. Between 2001-2011 he was employed by Serco, latterly as Director Air Traffic Services at Dubai International Airport. From 2011-2013 he worked with IATA as Regional Director Safety Operations and Infrastructure. As an Air Traffic Controller Robert had validated ATC licenses in Area/Area Radar Control, Aerodrome Control and Approach/Approach Radar.

He worked at the London Air Traffic Control Center at West Drayton, the Scottish Air Traffic Control Center at Prestwick, Aberdeen Airport and Dubai International Airport. With over 45 years’ experience, Robert specialises in Air Traffic Management, providing expertise in the following, but not limited to:

  • Regulatory Compliance to International standards and Regulations
  • Airport Infrastructure with an emphasis on Air Traffic Management
  • Future ATM concepts
  • Safety Management

Bengt Collin

Bengt has over 40 years’ experience in the Air Traffic Management Industry. This includes over 29 years as Operational Tower and Approach ATCO at Stockholm Arlanda Airport as well as four years as Operational Tower Manager.

Bengt worked at EUROCONTROL Headquarters for 10 years in the Airport and Safety Unit where he was a key leader in the A-SMGCS and Runway Safety development from the very beginning of those activities.

Bengt has continued to support EUROCONTROL as well as global ATM suppliers and service providers in recent years in the update of A-SMGCS requirements and procedures. As part of this he has surveyed many internationally leading airports for operational performance and safety improvements.

Dean Baker

Dean Baker has over 37 years ATC experience with Transport Canada and Nav Canada. He has worked as an Air Traffic Controller for the High Enroute sector at Gander Area Control Centre, along with Low Enroute including Terminal, as an Oceanic Controller over the North Atlantic, and has been an Operational Supervisor.

Dean became a Manager within Nav Canada in 2011 and has represented Canada on the ICAO Technical Interoperability Group. He has been a NAMEUR representative for Gander, was support for the ICAO Separation and Airspace Safety Panel during the approval process of Space Based ADS-B separations, and has extensive experience collaborating with UK NATS.

Dean retired from Nav Canada as a Manager ATC Operational Requirements (MATCOR), which included Manager of Operational System Requirements for the oceanic system used by Nav Canada and UK NATS (GAATS+). He received a Chairman’s Award from Nav Canada in 2018 for Team Performance and was the Project Manager that oversaw the implementation of Space Based ADS-B for Gander Area Control Centre in March 2019.

Stuart Mackrell

Stuart started his career as an apprentice aircraft fitter (airframes/engines) at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough (1984-1988). Following this he worked across the UK and Europe before becoming a certifying line engineer at London Heathrow for 7 years with KLM, holding an EASA Part-66 B1 license with multiple aircraft types.

In 2008 he commenced work in aircraft test, initially as a trials officer conducting independent technical evaluation of Typhoon flight control and landing gear systems, before transferring to safety engineering, rotary wing in 2010. Since then Stuart has continued to work in various safety engineering capacities, gaining experience as an Independent Safety Auditor and safety case author, mainly on military air domain projects with some exposure to land and maritime systems as well.

Stuart has developed the safety cases for a number of novel projects, including Aireon’s Space Based ADS-B and Airbus Zephyr, a solar-electric high-altitude long endurance UAV. He has a bachelor’s degree in Aircraft Engineering, a master’s in Safety and Accident Investigation (Air Transport) and is a Chartered Engineer.

Brent Day

Brent Day has been involved in ATC and ATM for nearly 40 years. During his ATC career, he achieved endorsements in all ATC disciplines and has managed Aerodrome ATC and Operations facilities with responsibility for all ATC and operational matters, including environmental issues, noise abatement and airfield/facility licensing requirements, and the training, licensing and development of ATC, operations and Airfield Emergency Service personnel.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of optimal efficiency operations throughout the UK and globally, covering all aspects of the implementation including regulatory, safety and facilitation requirements (phraseology, publication, design etc). In addition, his experience includes managing TMA/en-route re-development which encompasses the trialling and implementation of optimal efficiency operations, and airspace and procedure design with associated flight validation, environmental consultation process and airspace change proposals.

He has been instrumental in facilitating the implementation of GNSS operations for fixed-wing, rotary and drones throughout Europe by ensuring extensive understanding of regulatory rules and procedures, environmental consultation processes, airspace change proposals and working with stakeholders and regulators to develop procedures and regulatory/safety requirements and material.

Richard Powell

Richard has an Engineering background and extensive experience in leading projects on safety critical projects to develop complex, technology based systems. Richard’s expertise in Programme Management and knowledge of Air Traffic Control is excellent. He has undertaken high profile programmes with a number of leading ATM organisations. His key skill is managing teams using modern tools and methods across disciplines and cultures.

Richard has worked with NATS, Eurocontrol, DSNA, DFS, Aerothai, ATNS and DANS and many other leading International Organisations applying his expertise as required to Strategies and delivery of programmes and projects at key stages of their development. Major successes include delivery of Aviation (ATC/Pilot) Simulation products/projects, Air Traffic Control Operational Projects and Future Aviation Management Research Programmes (SESAR)

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