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Safety and Security Expertise

AVISU contains significant operational expertise related to safety management, oversight and reporting. AVISU is currently part of a multinational team developing Generic Surveillance Safety Cases covering ADS-B, WAM and Radar, as well as providing Preliminary Safety Case strategy support (in partnership with the EUROCONTROL Safety Regulation Commission and the Safety Oversight Team) to a host of European implementation activities.

Additionally, AVISU is developing a safety argument to define requirements for airspace infringement scenarios where non-cooperative surveillance techniques are typically applied as mitigation

AVISU is also involved in a range of Air Traffic Management related security assessments.

Functional Airspace Blocks Operational Lead

AVISU is currently providing combined operational and project management support to the FABEC Free Route Airspace Program. AVISU has also been the operational expert on a number of operation and safety studies on the viability for implementing Functional Airspace Blocks into various European neighbouring Air Navigation Service Providers’ airspace management strategies.

Most recently Stephen O’Flynn has provided operational expert support to a FAB feasibility study covering the core area of Europe, six states and seven ANSPs. This included expert advice on a contingency analysis and feasibility assessment on shared facilities across the partners.

Expert Operational Management of Future 4D Trajectory Concept

AVISU has provided extensive ATC operational, technical standardisation and safety expertise within the i4D Trajectory development project.

Primary tasks involved the development of the 4DTRAD concept, development of a coordinated and compliant safety plan, supporting the safety analysis (FHA/PSSA) and drafting of the 4DTRAD OSD and coordination of the relevant topics within the Datalink user Group and EUROCAE WG78/RTCA SC214 standardisation working group, including coordinating the integration of 4DTRAD and ITBO into the integrated standard.

A Range of CBA/Economic Assessments

AVISU has provided the operational lead on various cost benefit analysis and economic assessments on the impact of the development and possible mandating of standardisation material on various global Air Traffic Control system tools and functions.

Currently AVISU is supporting the CBA and performance case analysis work for the FABEC Free Route Airspace program, and is also providing business case analysis support for a world leader in supplying of a range of Airport Domain ATC systems and tools.

Aerodrome Operations Integrated A-SMGCS/AFL System

AVISU is currently providing operational support on both the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art integrated tower system at a major airport location (in the top 20 in the world for movements). The AVISU support includes developing training packages covering both nominal (normal) and degraded modes for the new system.

Stephen O’Flynn is also undertaking reviews across a range of airports in Europe for potential operational improvements in safety (e.g. runway incursion) and efficiency (ATC productivity and emissions etc.).

Expert Operational Support to EUROCONTROL

AVISU is currently providing ATC operational and program management expertise within the EUROCONTROL CASCADE Implementation Program. The primary tasks involve ADS-B and WAM international standardisation covering the derivation of both airborne and ground requirements on system and data integrity, continuity, availability and accuracy.

 AVISU has provided the driving force behind an operationally driven approach built on EUROCAE’s ED78a requirements process where ATC and flight crew impact analysis are acutely integrated.

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